I discovered my love for music in 1998. Back then I got a keyboard from my grandma. From this moment on I was addicted to music and spent all my free time playing the piano. I started to play in several bands after turning 12 and began to record and produce music at the age of 19. After finishing school I decided to study Audio Engineering in Cologne while running my studio Business with a friend of mine. I’ve always been and still am influenced by icons like Phillip Glass, John Murphy, Dream Theater, Hans Zimmer and also brilliant younger composers and artists like Nils Frahm, Olafur Arnalds just to name a few. Music has always been the voice of mine to describe my feelings and sculpt an idea of something I wouldn’t be able to describe with words or anything else.



Oliver Melchers, Mixing Engineer on SoundBetter


    Client: Foodguide

Role: Score


Client: aberANDRE

Role: Production, Mixing


Client: Called Meyer

Role: Production, Mixing, Mastering


Client: Dirk Kreuter

Role: audio restauration / mix